Airbnb Management Braddon

Learn how we help Canberra property owners earn higher returns.

Airbnb management Canberra

Braddon is one of Canberra's top Airbnb locations

Centrally located in Australia's capital, Braddon is one of the most popular locations for Airbnb bookings in Canberra. In walking distance to the city's thriving CBD, Civic, and adjacent to the light rail line, Braddon offers excellent convenience for interstate and international travellers.

Image: Ed Ringwood, Tourism Australia

Airbnb management Braddon

Earn more with MadeComfy

Canberra is a fast growing market for Airbnb bookings, and investors and owners with properties in Braddon are well positioned to take advantage of the suburb's excellent occupancy rates and short-term rental returns.

At MadeComfy, we provide an end-to-end short-term management service allowing property investors with Canbera properties earn higher returns through bookings from the tertiary education sector, government and work-related travel.

Want to know how much your property could earn in Braddon?

Our Services

Furnishing and Styling
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The right furnishing and styling play critical roles in attracting and retaining guests. In fact, how an investment property will look in photos is crucial--and a boring, uninspiring or, worse yet, tired and run-down looking property will not attract guests.

To get as much bookings as possible, it is important to put style and furnishing on your top list when you are considering short-term rentals with your investment property.

MadeComfy has dedicated property stylists who ensure that all properties under our care stand out. Our interior designers have a proven track record in the field, adding more value to your property by infusing a homey feel in every stay. Also, we offer furnishing packages that are tailor-made with the customer’s property size and budget in mind.

Pricing & Marketing
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Our expert copywriters will highlight all the best features of your investment property and local area. We’ll then market your home across all the best booking websites such as Airbnb,, Tripadvisor and more with a dynamic pricing to ensure we get you the best returns possible

24/7 Guest Management
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Your guest’s journey doesn’t stop when they finally unpack their bags upon arrival in your investment property. in truth, that’s just the start.

At some point during their stay, your guests will experience inconveniences and will seek your help to address their concerns immediately.

At MadeComfy, we make sure that you take the backseat in managing your guest’s expectations as we have our 24/7 guest support line that’s ready to accommodate your guests when and where they need it.

Housekeeping & Maintenance
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When it comes to short-term accommodation, guest expectation is becoming higher--your investment property’s cleanliness included.

While it is ideal to maintain a tidy rental space round-the-clock, most property owners find it difficult to manage their time and frequently check on their property to make sure that everything is 5-star grade .

At MadeComfy, we provide Airbnb cleaning services and supply 5-star linen, fresh towels and eco-friendly toiletries for guest use.