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Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is the process of adjusting the nightly rate of short-term rental listings using different variables such as the demand and supply of short-term rentals; allowing us to maximise homeowners’ revenue. This process of Airbnb management requires vast amounts of data and market expertise. At MadeComfy, we’re sure to deliver what you need - and so much more.

MadeComfy owner portal

MadeComfy Dashboard

Your property is your biggest asset so we make our rental management process as transparent as possible for our property owners. With the MadeComfy Dashboard, you can do so when and where you need it.

  • view your property’s booking details
  • block out the calendar to stay at the property
  • get an overview of your property’s short-term rental performance vs the market
Tech-driven operations MadeComfy

Tech-driven operations process

We use the latest technologies to streamline the operations process so that all of our 500+ properties in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are managed efficiently. This includes having digital checklists for the housekeeping team, tracking quality of our cleaning service and reporting housekeeping and maintenance issues in real-time.

Maximise your returns
Maximise your returns
Transparency on your bookings
Transparency on your bookings
Track your property's earnings
Track your property's earnings

What results do we get?

Short-term rentals experience seasonal highs and lows just like hotels in the hospitality industry. Factors like location and type of property play a big role in setting the price depending on the season. With our dynamic pricing we have been achieving an average occupancy rate of 75% which is a sweet spot for balancing occupancy rate. Not only do we deliver 40% higher rental returns than traditional property investment strategies, but we also offer a great end-to-end property management system that satisfies the growing demands of today’s guests.

Know how much your property can earn. Try our rental return calculator now!