Airbnb Property Investment Calculator

Use our Airbnb property calculator to check your potential rental returns with MadeComfy

Airbnb property investment calculator for rental returns

Buying a property for short-term rental purposes is a great investment strategy if you’re looking to maximise returns, at least 40% more through MadeComfy. Our data experts created an Airbnb property investment calculator that will help you gauge the potential financial outcome of your property when rented out to short-term rental guests

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What the property investment calculator will tell you

Our investment property calculator will give you an idea of how much a property in a particular suburb may earn per month based on its type and size.

Enter your property's address and number of bedrooms to get an estimate on your rental returns each month. These figures are relevant to owners who are renting out their investment properties or primary place of residence.

Rental returns calculator

How much more can you earn from short-term rentals?

MadeComfy delivers our customers over 40% higher returns than any other form of rentals.

With the investment property rental returns calculator, you can compare your estimated short-term rental returns to long-term rental and see the difference.

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How do we deliver 40% higher rental returns?

At MadeComfy, we have a pricing algorithm that calculates the expected nightly return of a property.

Our algorithm weighs up several factors, including (but not limited to) the size and location of the property. It then sets the nightly rate at a competitive level that maximises your returns without pricing the property too high, which affects the occupancy rate. This algorithm is used in our investment property rental returns calculator to estimate your average expected returns.

What’s next?

We will reach out to you with a customised rental report after you've filled out the Airbnb investment calculator. Alternatively, you can call us at 1800 526 133 for more information.