Airbnb Management Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Earn higher returns with MadeComfy


Airbnb Management Noosa, Sunshine Coast

With pristine beaches and beautiful coastal trails, Noosa is a tourism hotspot for families and travellers, particularly in the peak summer seasons which see high average daily rates and demand for short-term rental accommodation.

Property owners and investors in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast region can take advantage of higher returns offered by Airbnb bookings with MadeComfy.

End-to-end management for your Noosa property

End-to-end management for your Noosa property

We're more than just an Airbnb cleaner. We provide a full management service to enable your property to earn from 40% higher returns.

Our management service includes 24/7 guest communication, professional property marketing on the short-term rental market and Airbnb, dynamic pricing and on-demand earnings tracking with the MadeComfy Dashboard.

Want to know how much your property could earn in Noosa?

Our Services

Furnishing and styling
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The right furnishing and styling play critical roles in attracting and retaining guests. To get as many bookings as possible, it is important to put style and furnishing at the top of your list when considering short-term rental for your investment property.

MadeComfy's property management services include dedicated property stylists who ensure all properties under our care stand out. Our interior designers have a proven track record in the field, adding more value to your property by infusing a feel of home in every stay. We also offer furnishing packages that are tailored to a property's size and budget.

Pricing & marketing
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Our expert copywriters will highlight all the best features of your investment property and local area. We’ll then promote your listing on Airbnb and apply a Dynamic Pricing strategy and our property management system to ensure we get you the best returns possible.

Guest management
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Often, your guests will experience inconveniences and will seek help to address their concerns immediately.

At MadeComfy, we make sure that you take the backseat in managing your guest’s expectations with our dedicated support line that’s ready to accommodate your guests exactly when and where they need it.

Housekeeping & maintenance
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When it comes to short-term accommodation, guest expectations are getting higher--your investment property’s cleanliness included.

While it is ideal to maintain a tidy rental space around-the-clock, most property owners find it difficult to manage their time and frequently check on their property to make sure that everything is of 5-star grading.

At MadeComfy, we provide Airbnb cleaning services and supply 5-star linen, fresh towels and eco-friendly toiletries for guests to use.