What is MadeComfy?

MadeComfy specialises in providing short‑term property management services for private home and investment property owners. Our service focuses on excellent customer service for both hosts and guests. Our full end‑to‑end service includes everything from marketing and calendar management, cleaning and linen provision to check‑in arrangements and key exchange. We manage the whole rental process.

Where is MadeComfy located?

Our head office is at: Level 1, 458 Wattle Street, Ultimo, New South Wales, 2007.

Is MadeComfy Service tax deductible?

Yes, our service is a 100% deductible on your tax return.

Does MadeComfy have a Real Estate licence?

Yes, MadeComfy is licensed under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002. Our licence number is 10043571.

Can I use MadeComfy only for cleaning, linen or key exchange services?

No, MadeComfy offers a full management service only.

Does MadeComfy offer services for house shares or on a room only basis?

No, MadeComfy only manages entire houses, so a room within a home is not covered. If, as part of a share house agreement, all tenants vacate for the full period and agree to engage our services, we can manage the home as a whole.

Does MadeComfy provide linen?

Yes, MadeComfy provides you with a full set of linen per bed as well as towels per guest and tea towels for the kitchen. At the end of each guest’s stay we will then exchange with a set of clean linen, ready for your next guest.

How does the process work? What do I need to do?

Once we have received your enquiry and you have confirmed that you are in a position to host your home (see 'Are there any limitations, risks or legal issues' above), the process is as follows:

  1. We will do a pre‑qualifying check to ensure your home is suitable and meets the criteria to be ‘guest ready’.
  2. Once qualified, we book an online meeting for you with one of our Sydney based Short Term Rental Specialists who can provide you with an appraisal of your home and it's rental potential.
  3. If you decide to go ahead, you sign a contract and we arrange a professional photography session.
  4. Your house listing is advertised on multiple online platforms to guarantee the highest reach and to optimise occupancy rates. We then support you to ensure your home is ‘guest ready’ in time for your first check‑in.
  5. After your departure, we take care of everything to ensure your home and your guests are well looked after!
  6. Prior to your return, we ensure your home is cleaned and prepared, ready for us to hand back your keys.

How do you know what price to charge for my property?

We complete a thorough pricing analysis of your property, the area you live in and cross reference with other similar listings in the area for benchmarking purposes. We also take in to consideration the seasonality and duration of the period of time you are away. We then give you a recommended pricing strategy.

What is included in your standard services?

Marketing of your property, consisting of professional photography, custom copy writing and listing on multiple booking portals and through MadeComfy's own network of customers and social media. Guest communication and booking management. Maximising occupancy through use of pricing optimisation tools. Check‑in and ‘house rules’ communication. Check out inspection, including damage report and inventory to advise condition of your home pre your return. Kitchen bath and laundry amenities and re‑stock. Home safety kit recommendations and provision if necessary. Out of hours emergency management and guest assistance.

What do I have to provide in my home to host?

MadeComfy will provide you with the criteria required to make your property host ready. We also provide helpful ‘How‑To’ guides that give you a general checklist to prepare your home for hosting. We also have minimum safety requirements for your home and provide details in our Home Safety Kit.

Do you take the pictures for the listing?

Yes, we use a professional photographer to optimise your property’s listing. We will also support you with styling of your home if required.

Do I have to remove all my personal belongings? How much stuff can I leave?

No, you don't have to remove all of your personal belongings. We provide you with helpful hints and tips on how much de‑cluttering is really required, and how much storage space your guests require. Our simple checklist will help guide you.

Is my property maintained whilst I travel?

MadeComfy has an out of hours’ guest services contact number for any maintenance or emergency issues a guest has while you are away. For repairs under $500, these are undertaken immediately. For repairs over $500, the owner will be consulted on how they would like to proceed with the repair. These thresholds can be agreed on in advance and preferred service providers nominated by property, i.e. builders, plumbers, electricians that you trust to undertake repairs that MadeComfy can contact. All maintenance costs will be deducted from your rental revenue. For an investment property, routine maintenance checks and inspections will be the owners responsibility to arrange and pay for, but can be scheduled by MadeComfy who can liaise with the maintenance workers to gain access to the property.

How long does it take to get my property listed and ‘live’ on the rental market?

From end to end, a property can be 'live' within 7 to 10 days from the first visit.

Who creates the listing?

The MadeComfy team will create the listing using professional photographs and copy writing, and place across as many relevant booking portals for your property as possible.

What is the occupancy rate?

While we do not guarantee guests, MadeComfy works to deliver an occupancy rate of over 70%.

Where do you advertise my property?

We advertise across several property portals to maximise the reach of your home to attract the right guests. Portals we use include (but not limited to) Airbnb, Travelmob, FlipKey (TripAdvisor), Booking.com, among others.

Should I declare this income for tax purposes?

Yes, we recommend owners should.

Is MadeComfy Service tax deductible?

Yes, our service is a 100% deductible on your tax return.

Is the cost of cleaning included in your price?

The initial set up, deep clean for your property which includes oven, fridge, microwave, windows, etc, is charged to you as a one off, separate cost (see our MadeComfy price list). We ensure your property is set up to a high standard to welcome your guests. Subsequent changeover cleans are charged to your guests.

When will I get paid?

Payment for your rental earnings will be paid at the end of each month.

How will I get paid?

Your rental earnings will be paid via bank transfer to your nominated bank account.

How do I pay your service charges?

Our service charges are deducted from your guest payments, which will be itemised on your statement of account at the end of your holiday or the end of each month. For additional services we accept bank transfers and major credit cards.

Do I need to declare this income to the ATO?

We would recommend that you inform the ATO of any additional undeclared income. We can provide you with an annual statement that details your income and expenses related to our services for this purpose.

Are there any limitations, risks or legal issues I should be aware of?

Strata rules in NSW: Short Term Rental (STR) is not illegal. Currently the only way short-term rental can be restricted is by council planning regulations. As Fair Trading NSW declared by-laws that restrict short-term letting invalid. Home owners who wish to let their properties on the short-term market are free to do so within permitted zoning of their council. Within Sydney various councils have different legislations in relation to STR. We encourage you to review the legislation within your specific council prior to proceeding.

Subletting your home: If you are renting your property, you need to check with your landlord and your rental agreement to see what the restrictions on sub-letting are (if any). If they prohibit STR, then you will not be able to proceed.

NSW legislation: In NSW, the State government has been looking closely into putting regulation on STR, in light of increasing supply and demand. At MadeComfy, we support sensible future regulation that addresses potential issues of STR such as late night noise, and will continue operate with strict house-rules and 24/7 customer service to act upon any violations.

What are the insurance options?

We strongly recommend that you secure adequate Short‑Term Rental Insurance. We can provide you with the details of several providers so that you may select the most appropriate one for your individual needs.