Real estate partners

A customised short-term rental solution for real estate agents

Why MadeComfy?

  • Property rental forecasts for your clients

You can present your clients short term rentals as an option with forecasted returns.

  • Keep your relationships

If you are not talking to your clients about short term rentals, they are talking to somebody else. Keep your relationship and let us deliver the service.

  • Still process rental revenue

You will still process the rental revenue and maintain and improve your client relationship. You take on a higher rate and you still keep the revenue on your rent roll with no management.

How we do it?


Furnishing and styling

We can consult, design and install furniture packages to maximise your clients rental returns.


Pricing management and revenue optimisation

Thanks to dynamic pricing and our data experts, we make sure that your customers get the highest returns.


Photography and listing on Airbnb

To maximise bookings and occupancy rate for your clients, we will highlight all the best features of your property and local area in the Airbnb listing.


Housekeeping & maintenance service

Guest Management, Housekeeping and maintenance of your clients' properties are all taken care of for you.

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