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A seamless short-term rental solution for real estate agents

Why Join MadeComfy Pro Network?


Add a new revenue stream to your business


Retain your client relationships


Instant tech and guest solution

MadeComfy Pro provides the following services for our network


Eliminate the cost of tenant management

MadeComfy takes away guest management tasks so you can focus on client relationships


Become a certified Short-term rental expert

With MadeComfy’s multi-faceted training, support network and technology


Manage and monitor bookings and performance

With MadeComfy’s industry-leading technology and infrastruture


Seamless reporting and payment process

With MadeComfy’s complete trust accounting, disbursement and reporting solution


Deliver higher returns for your clients

MadeComfy’s award-winning short-term rental solution delivers higher rental yields


Scale up your short-term rental business instantly

Adding 50 Short-term rental properties can increase your rent roll by over $200,000*

*Based on MadeComfy’s performance

MadeComfy Pro helps customers


Of MadeComfy clients are new to the industry adding to 220K Short-Term Rentals in the ANZ market


Current Short-term Rental Global Market value - forecast to grow to $172B by 2025


Higher Gross Revenue return for MadeComfy Pro Licensee Property Owners


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Adam Woods

Adam Woods

Principal of McGrath Mudgee, Central Tablelands

Our partnership with MadeComfy means we haven’t had to hire a large internal team as MadeComfy takes care of housekeeping and guest relations, both of which are time-consuming and require around the clock presence. Our collaboration allows us to focus on what we do best — landlord and property management, and we utilise MadeComfy's experience for the rest.

Ioanna Hume

Ioanna Hume

Client Relations Manager of Guested

Our success in providing exceptional service to our guests has been instant with the help of MadeComfy. This partnership has been fantastic right from the start, and we look forward to further growing our relationship with the team while we grow our presence in Canberra.

Luke Vaughan

Luke Vaughan

Managing Director of Crown Realty International

Partnering with MadeComfy has instantly allowed us to deliver a high-quality guest experience, congruent with the standard of our brand. We were drawn to MadeComfy because of their specialisation in all of the areas we didn’t have experience in. Immediately, we’ve been able to grow and scale a new segment of our business.

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